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Current needs

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Hello Friends,
I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a blessed Easter, The past week has been incredibly busy. I am in the process of vacating my storage house and moving everything to another storage area. I have also been ill for a few days but feel better today.
 In the middle of that i received word that one of the families we built a house for is about to lose it because they were unable to pay for the lot due to their dire financial circumstances. I will have to move the house to another area so that they can at least keep it even though they will lose the lot. The cost for moving the home will be approximately $150. I don't like to bring up these monetary difficulties during such a blessed holiday, but feel I must let you know when emergencies arise. If anyone feels they can, and would like to contribute to this need please let us know.

On March 23rd we delivered 6 more assorted bunks and beds. Leonard andJanet were a big help. Mariana and her husband were glad to dump the old roach infested contraption they called a bed.   As of this time,  we have helped over 100 men, women and children to sleep in a real bed.


On a personal level our vehicles need repairs. Our gasoline bill is our single largest expense. Shuttling food into Mexico in small quantities may be a thing of the past with bridge fees at $5.50 a trip, and the ever increasing price of gasoline , and getting only about 10 miles per gallon on my truck and van.
We are as always, thankful for the support we have, but we feel if we share soome of our concerns we can do a better job at the work God has called us to. Many of you have told me that you would like to know what our needs are so you can help.
Some of our most pressing needs are:
* 4 cylinder truck or car.
* Older van in good shape
* Rice
* Spaghetti or other pastas
* Personal care items (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.
* Tuition support for children
* Support for our soup kitchen workers ( two at $25 per week for each.)
* Funds for supplies and food to continue operating our soup kitchens
With your specific donations we have helped with all or part of tuition for 15 children who would otherwise not be in school. With that sponsorship we also help with uniforms, shoes, etc. Below is a picture of the kids lined up ready for school. Kids have to pay bus fare to attend school and even this small amount they are unable to pay so we take them to school when possible. At the beginning of each school year we also collect and hand out school supplies, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, etc. We also transport kids to church 3 times a week.