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Soup Kitchens

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SOS Ministries currently operates 3 soup kitchens called "Comodores" in the Matamoros area.

 We started our 1st soup kitchen in 2000. Today we operate three, where we can feed up to around 250 children, elderly and pregnant mothers in and around the Matamoros area. Two of our soup kitchens are in the area adjecent to the City dump.
   Our help to support this project comes from private and church donations as well as food donated by various organizations, and canned food drives by churches.
   Financial donations are used to buy meats and vegetables, and other needs on a daily basis.
   The children who come to us are fed a nutritious meal. We also focus on scriptural instruction and the instilling of Godly values in those young lives that God allows us the opportunity to touch. Another thing that we are currently doing is endeavoring to help in their education by teaching spelling.