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Building homes and touching lives.

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Home #8 for 2012
With this home we were able to bless a familly of five.

Some people ask the question, "How do you make the decision on who you build a home for?" 
   There are many factors which go into our decision. Obviously there is a great deal of need all around us, and many, many people who would like to have a new home.
   Sometimes a person will come to us and make a request. Other times an individual, or family will be reccomended by someone else. We interview the people and try to determine their situation. Their honesty is of the utmost importance. We get reccomendations from pastors who know them ( when possible ) And we try to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Another thing we actively do is to seek out widows.  We also seek women with children who have been abandoned by their husbands and are struggling to make it on their own, and are living in substandard conditions. These become our priorities
Our first house.
   One day while we were out distributing food we found an elderly couple in their 80s living under a tree. Unable to find anyone else to help, we undertook the task of building them a small home.
   Later on, we made a commitment to God to do what we could. We began to share the needs with others, and helpers and funds began to be available. We went on to build 9 homes that first year, and have built 357 to date. (March 17, 2012)  These homes have been built by volunteers and donations from all over the world. Most of our home construction has been in the Matamoros area, but we have built homes as far south as the state of Veracruz.